Transformation HQ Success Story : Wayne Bates

Wayne is now beach body ready for the summer!


Although Wayne has done the 12 week shoot process before, he still had to work really hard to achieve a 6 pack.

The leaner you get the more difficult it is to burn that last pocket of body fat – particularly around the mid-section.

Never the less, Wayne smashed it again and got even more shredded than his last shoot, so he now has the body for summer.

It’s a misconception that people are ripped all year round, people aim for certain times of the year e.g. summer holidays to be shredded.

This is the positive attitude you need to have when trying to get in shape.

Just like many THQ members & THQ trainers we can push towards certain times of the year where we want to be in top shape.

Then maintain and relax throughout the rest of the year.

This is the main benefit of weight training and learning how to track calories.

You can back off and not have to eat so “clean” all year round, but can GUARANTEE yourself that in 8-12 weeks you can be shredded.

This is a huge advantage of building muscle – as muscle will absorb some of the mistakes that we all make.

We know Wayne can get in shape with quick notice due to the muscle he has built, the intensity levels he has when he trains & the discipline he has to sticking to a caloric limit.

This takes away the anxiety & panic of believing you can never get in shape, STOPPING you from throwing the towel in after a few weeks.

Make this the summer you’re not playing catch up – while everyone else is in the beer garden with tops off and looking shredded.

Try our 6 week meltdown to get you in MUCH better shape…

Just in time for the peak summer season.

No Time Wasting – Just Fat Burning

All in 6 weeks!!!

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