Transformation Success Story : David “Lenny” Lancaster

Lenny Sheds 3 Stone To Change His Life

Lenny was under the impression that he would never get in shape.

He thought that to shift all the weight and get in top shape was out of his reach.

All this changed with a little help from THQ.


Years of consuming the wrongs foods and not spending enough time in the gym, had taken Lenny far from where he was happy.

He wasn’t fully in control of his diet and just consumed whatever was easiest, often a high calorie option. This left Lenny bloated and not having energy – thus not wanting to get in the gym.

The inches and pounds crept on and it didn’t seem to stop. Luckily, he said enough was enough and he came to THQ to get him back on track.

First starting with the 6 week meltdown, to get the momentum of healthy eating and training going, then ramping up the intensity by enrolling onto the 12 week shoot.

The results were astonishing in such a short amount of time.

Lenny melted away 3 stone of body fat and now has a body shape that he feels happy with!

Lenny has more importantly maintained this body shape after the shoot, with not much effort. This is down to keeping consistent with training 3 times a week, plus now understanding how to eat correctly.

The key to him sticking to the plan was being introduced into sustainable ways of eating on the road, at social events, when not having time.

We have shown Lenny that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have time, or you’re tired, or have kids etc – it can still be done!

He can now use this knowledge to stay in shape for the rest of his life.


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