TransformationHQ Emma Cundy Success Story

I started training back in 2012, mostly cardio. I lost a lot of weight and became hooked on training. I continued to eat rubbish but over trained so I kept my weight down. I entered a fitness model competition 2 years ago as a personal challenge as I had struggled with body confidence my whole life. The judges feedback was brutal and I gave up. My marriage broke down and I moved back to Whaley bridge. I tried another gym but with no guidance or motivation I went less and less often.

Then I discovered HQ! Wow what a place! I have been given so much encouragement and support! I have learnt so much about effective training and nutrition but most of all I have fallen back in love with training!!!!!

I am the most body confident I think I have ever been despite carrying more weight. I no longer stand on the scales daily but find myself looking at my muscle definition.

I struggle as I am a single parent, one of my children being autistic. I sometimes have to bring them along with me and non of the instructors ever seem to mind even when jack is having a bad day. HQ fits into my life and it never feels a chore to go to sessions, the regular changes in program keep my interest. I recently took part in the shoot, did I give it my all? No, probably not but I lost 11lb and gained a lot more muscle. I was never made to feel like I was failing but was encouraged and supported even when I struggled to make sessions.

I can honestly say I have never been to a gym like HQ and I want to say a massive thank you to Carl, Ryan, will, joules and Anne for everything they’ve done.

This is Emma before…

emma-cundy-beforeAnd Emma now… emma-cundy-after1 emma-cundy-after2 emma-cundy-after3

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