Supplement Remedies

Supplements can have a powerful physiological effect and they are designed to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise programme. They should be used responsibly, following the manufacturer's directions and dosages. Supplements can be harmful to some pre-existing medical conditions. You are strongly advised to consult with your general practitioner before taking any supplements and before embarking on any major dietary changes.

With each instruction we have researched products that are suitable. These are amazon affiliate links that help contribute to upkeep and development of website.

Improve Sleep & Recovery

Glycine & ZMA (Zinc & Magnesium)Combine 5g of Glycine with camomile tea 1 hour before bed. Take 2-3 ZMA capsules with tea. Shown to help fight common colds



Increase Muscle & Performance In Gym

Creatine and Protein Edge – make in one shake before workout and starting drinking 10 minutes before and during gym sessions.


Increase Protein Levels and Recovery

Whey Power and or BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids). Shake after a workout 2 scoops and BCAA’s whilst training.


Improve Digestion and Assists Muscle Growth​

Glutamine – can be taken in post workout shake or in a intra workout shake like protein edge.



Underactive Thyroid

Iodine has been proven to boost thyroid function. Particularly useful if you don’t consume a lot of seafood



Anti Ageing

DHEA is a natural occuring hormone and converts into testosterone or estrogen depending on bodies need. Vitamin E also reduces inflammation from vegetable oils to get a younger looking body.


Vitamin E

Improve Cholesterol & Trichlorides Levels

Niacin (Vitamin B3) is a essential B vitamin that studies show may reduce cholesterol & trichlorides levels. 


Vitamin B3

Feeling Full & Gassy After Meals

Betaine HCL – helps acid levels in the stomach digest food so more is absorbed and reduces the stuffed feeling.

A digestive enzyme with probiotic would also help.

Betaine HCL

Digestive Enzyme

Reduce Anxiety & Stress Levels

Inositol Vitamin B8 & Ashwaganda. Has strong studies supporting a reduction in suicidal thoughts and having a natural calming effect on the mind and body.



Feeling Highly Stressed & Wired

L-Theanine can be taken after workout, before bed or even with coffee



Brain & Mind Focus

Alcar – helps enhance cognition, boosts energy production in the mind and protects against anti aging




L-cysteine is a cheap supplement that can reduce the suffering from drinking. Try taking 500mg before drinking, one in the middle and one at the end of drinking with plenty of water. 



Winter Blues (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Getting sunlight (even behind clouds) on skin for 20-30 in the morning. Eating a diet high in protein and vegetables whilst training 3 times a week will do wonders. Taking a large does of vitamin d3 makes a big difference in feeling more positive. Take 5000-10000IU daily.

Also a good Omega 3 fish oil can boost brain function and mood.

Vitamin D3

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