THQ Success Story : Rachel Holt

Rachel lost 1 stone despite a bad start


If at first you don’t succeed…try try again.
This old and classic proverb summarises Rachel’s transformation story.
Many people believe that the transformations that we are all inspired by get done in one go.
Everything went perfectly for them and they stuck to the plan 100%.
When in fact, the story behind most transformations is of struggle, failure and wanting to give in.
Before joining THQ, Rachel hadn’t really lifted weights in the gym.
Always opting for the cardio option or classes….because that’s what’s females do for toning, right??
But after many different classes and hours and hours of cardio – her body shape wouldn’t change.
So, she decided to take a turn in the opposite direction and try something new.
She saw the results we produced at THQ and thought something must be in it! But it didn’t go so swimmingly at first.
Rachel started at THQ, but after a few weeks, she believed that strength training wasn’t for her, and had to go back to “cardio-ing”.
Yet, after a few weeks of returning to her old cardio routine, the outcome was the same.
No results from a lot of effort, which was very frustrating.
But she kept following THQ online & saw the results they were producing and gave it a second go.
She hasn’t looked back since.

Read what Rachel’s experience of starting at THQ in her own words….

“I firstly I started at THQ for a new challenge after doing a wide variety of exercise classes in the past but despite having great cardio I never really got the body shape I wanted.

 I did a 6 week course (6 week meltdown) initially but found the gym environment felt a bit alien to me. Despite getting great results I worried that it wasn’t for me and so left.

 After going back to a standard gym, I found my results reverted back and I again re evaluated my time at THQ. It was not the environment or the people it was me, I wasn’t quite ready to commit… but by this time the desire for the routines and shape changes outweighed my lack of confidence.On returning it was completely different, I knew what to expect, I felt more at home with familiar faces and the routines in place.

 I started at 9 stone 5 and ended at 8 stones 5″

As you will agree, Rachel didn’t have a lot of weight to lose at the start.
But this makes the transformation even more astonishing.
The leaner you get, the harder and slower progression is.
Rachel is now a much stronger, fitter and confident person.
Who continues to strength train from home using the THQ Online Platform.
She didn’t need to give up her cardio, as she enjoys this still alongside weight training.
In fact, she has seen an improvement of performance in her cardio sessions, due to having a stronger and more toned body.
Have you been toing and froing about starting at the gym? This is the perfect opportunity to start.
Rachel inspired you to get started? Enquire below for more information….



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