THQ Success Story : Sarah Smallwood

Sarah Stopped Gaining Weight & Lost 2 Stone To Got Back Into Size 12’s


Sarah is a keen runner and horse rider, this kept her in decent shape. Keeping up with her running & horse riding was easier a few years ago, as she had more spare time.

But, life has since changed. She has become busier, work and family commitments have taken center stage and her body shape has suffered.

Sarah thought that she would never get out of shape, but since hitting 40 – things were going in the wrong direction.

Becoming less active meant she had piled on 2 stone, and could no longer fit into those size 12’s. In fact, when trying on a size 14, she found it was a little tight! That was the snapping point & she knew she needed to make a change.

It was also starting to have a negative impact on her mental health as well, her confidence was not what it used to be.

She knew she had to take action before things got out of hand.

She had been recommended by an existing member that she should check out the results we were achieving at THQ, and to get in touch to see how we could help.

THQ was all about lifting weights and getting stronger it seemed, but she went ahead as she saw how many body shapes we had changed for the better.

She started on the 6 week meltdown, this is the introductional plan at THQ which gets the basics of training and nutrition sorted.

On average it accomplishes fantastic results, 1 stone off the scale, 4 inches from waist, 2-3 inches from legs and 1-2inches from arms! This is just training 3 times a week for 45 minutes and banning NO foods, just eating a little more sensibly.

Sarah loved the results from the 6 week meltdown, that she then went onto completed a 12 week shoot to really enhance & speed up results….

Here’s what Sarah had to say about her journey….

Why did you first start at THQ?

I used to run and ride and after starting a new job didn’t have time to run and had a young horse who couldn’t be ridden yet.  I never believed people who said you put weight on after 40 because I had never had to worry about my weight but the combination of less exercise and a job where I was staying in hotels all the time meant I racked up over 2 stone in quite a short period of time.  The crunch came when I ordered a dress for a wedding and a size 14 was too tight, I kept the dress and decided to do something about it.  I was talking to a current member at the farm and she suggested THQ, so I decided to look into it.  The dress now fits perfect along with three quarters of my wardrobe that I haven’t worn for ages.

What made you start the 12 week shoot?

My original goal was to lose two stone and feel fitter, once I had done the first 6 weeks I decided the prospect of having to have my photo done in 12 weeks  would be the motivation I needed

Have you achieved your body shape goal? What exactly have you achieved?

I have lost the 2 stone, got back into a small size 12 and even bought some big size 10s, can wear quite a lot of the clothes that have been sitting in my wardrobe for the last 2 years and got much stronger.

How do you feel about your achievement?

I’m really pleased apart from the aesthetic benefits I can ride my massive 17.2, 1 ton horse better because I’m stronger.  I hadn’t realised both my confidence and mental health had started to suffer because of the ever increasing weight

What have you most enjoyed about at THQ?

I love the sessions, the challenge of upping weight is a motivator and the variety keeps you interested.  I have sometimes found it hard to make sessions because of working all over the place but THQ has given me the knowledge to put together exercises at home or go to a hotel gym instead

What would you say to anyone thinking about starting at THQ?

Do it you have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Have you let your body shape slip recently…time to take action before the Christmas calories start pouring in! Enquire below to find out more..

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