THQ Success Story

Victoria drops 3 stone & can now fit in her race car seat

Victoria really wasn’t happy with the weight she had gained over the years.

She knew that it was all down to her bad choices.

Having really poor eating habits, lots of faddy diets and a lack of good training time in the gym left Victoria feeling rubbish, unfit and with very low body perception.

Victoria knew this couldn’t continue any longer and had to make a serious change.

But wasn’t really sure where to start, but she thought getting professional help from a personal trainer would kick start her transformation.

She had seen and heard good things about Transformation HQ so popped in a request to find out more.

She came down to a no-commitment consultation to hear how it all worked and how it got people results.

Yet, even though she liked the idea of weight training for results, there were still some doubts due to her past experiences trying to get in shape…

“I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to lose the weight after trying all the fad diets.  I even put myself in the hospital trying to find a “quick” weight loss option, so I was worried that it wouldn’t work like everything I had tried.”

We were confident that we could help Victoria so we laid out a plan.

We would train her three times a week for 45 minutes using an effective weight training plan, and there would be a trainer with her at all times to ensure she trained correctly.

At the same time, we would also improve her eating habits with a meal planner and recipe cookbooks to make meals tasty and not restrictive.

And we kept it as simple as this.

Very shortly she was seeing results!

Inches and pounds lowering, getting fitter & stronger but more importantly – feeling body-positive again.

Victoria was hooked.

She continued on after her initial 6 Week Meltdown program had been completed and moved onto monthly rolling membership.

Included in the monthly membership, members can do a 12-week shoot when they feel ready.

The 12-week shoot is a more advanced version of the 6 Week Meltdown.

On the shoot, we slowly increase weekly training sessions up from 3 a week, up to 4, then 5 just before a shoot.

We would also make her nutrition laser targeted to melt away the body fat by showing Victoria how to track calories and macronutrients.

Alongside this, we provided weekly tasks delivered through online modules to ensure she was doing everything else correctly.

The results were amazing…

On this shoot, Victoria lost 3 stones! But it was more than just weight loss for her…

“I gained confidence in myself, learned to push my boundaries with the great help from the trainers and got my mojo back.

I can now fit in the race seat of my drag racing car, which was my goal. I am entering a national competition now this year”

We were so impressed with Victoria’s transformation, we asked her what would she say to anyone who struggles with their weight and is contemplating about coming to THQ for help…

“There is no getting around way to losing weight, there is a right way to do it and I learned that at THQ, I’ve taken control- rather than it controlling me”

Is it time that you took back control as Victoria did?

Pop in a request to find out more information and soon you too could be feeling healthier, slimmer and happier.

Ready to plan your transformation?

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