THQ Success Story

Dean burnt off body fat & built muscle

Dean is an active person.

He plays football each week, regularly attends the gym and has an active job.

But the reflection in the mirror and the weight on the scales told him another story.

Dean had been in great shape in the past and knew he was as far away from that point as he should be.

Having a young family and a busy job was always the get out of jail card.

But he had decided that enough was enough and that he was going to lead by example for his family.

Dean wasn’t currently at THQ, but had been a member before & had already completed a 6 Week Meltdown.

He had let things slide and knew that THQ could help.

He now knew all the basics but when he returned, he came back with the drive and real energy to change.

Dean thought that the 12-week shoot wasn’t really something for him and always passed on the option.

But seeing & hearing other members go through the process sparked a bit more interest.

He liked the idea of the challenge that it brought and the extra accountability it would bring.

Dean knew that he couldn’t mess around, use excuses and that he would have to follow the plan laid out by THQ.

But seeing some of the results it produced, he was driven to achieve the best he possibly could.

To start with, we followed the THQ 6 Week Meltdown fundamentals of eating a diet high in protein & vegetables, weight training 3 times a week, whilst optimising sleep & drinking plenty of water.

This was enough to get Dean feeling more energetic again, start dropping body fat and building muscle through training hard in the gym 3 times a week.

He then enrolled on the 12-week shoot to really amp up results.

Dean took his before photo you see above, logged his scale weight, inches and we got to work.

On the shoot, we taught Dean how to track calories and macronutrients.

At first, he was a little hesitant as it sounded a little complex and was worried it would take up more time of his day.

Dean soon realised that it was quite simple and he was soon hitting his daily figures with ease.

What surprised him was how fast he was changing.

He was feeling great in the gym, getting stronger and fitter.

The energy slumps were disappearing and he was feeling active day-to-day.

But more importantly, the body fat was dropping off him.

He loved this feeling of finally seeing progression for the effort being put in.

Our plan was to slowly increase training sessions from three times a week, up to four, and then five times a week just before his shoot.

We increased activity outside of the gym and gave him daily step targets to reach, the benefit being he didn’t have to do any steady-state cardio sessions.

At the same time, we ever so slightly tapered down calories to create a deeper calorie deficit that was easy to maintain and didn’t leave him starving.

Dean nailed down his nutrition and found foods on the shoot food list that were high in protein, yet low in calories.

This demonstrated to Dean how he can stay full & satiated but still strip off body fat.

This was his plan.

We checked in on Dean each week and he attended a weekly Q&A session on Facebook to ask any questions he had.

12 weeks later he had completely transformed his body shape.

As you can see, Dean held onto his size and muscle mass. This was achieved by having a high protein diet, sleeping as best he could, hydrating very well and continuing to lift heavyweights in the gym.

Not falling for the trap of lifting light weights for higher reps – but rather keeping it heavier & lower reps where possible.

He even had a shoulder injury to overcome. We adapted the exercises as not to agitate it any further, meaning Dean never missed out on progression as we always had a plan for him to train around his injury.

On the 12 weeks, he lost 27lbs, yet looks much bigger! Showing how important it is to stay lean whilst building muscle.

Dean paid attention, listened to and applied the advice given & asked questions often.

With this level of commitment, he was certain to see great results. He plans to do another shoot to do better on the above results so watch this space.

Ready to plan your transformation?

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