Transformation HQ Success Story : Dawn Woods 2nd Shoot


New mum Dawn improved on her recent photo shoot.

Dawn produced an amazing transformation first time round.

You can read & see her “part one” story & pictures by clicking here.

It was a fantastic transformation but Dawn wanted to improve even further.

With the benefit of experiencing a photo shoot before, she saw areas she could be more disciplined on.

We went through the exact same process of controlling calories over a 12 week period, these calories were reduced slowly as we progressed through the 12 weeks.

She strength trained 3 times a week to begin with – which increase to 4 sessions and some weeks 5 sessions.

There was a few minor additional tasks we asked of Dawn on her 2nd shoot.

We encouraged Dawn to walk more when not in the gym and really increase intensity in her strength sessions.

That was it.

As you can see Dawn looks completely different from her before photo.

She is stronger, fitter but more importantly feels so much more better about herself.

This is proof to all mums that you can get a slim, defined, strong & fit body after having a baby.

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