TransformationHQ Real Studies : Danielle Mellor

Danielle is a fantastic example of how eating healthily and training consistently cannot only make you look great but feel great. Danielle suffers with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) so experiences extreme low energy at times, she also found one side of her body a lot weaker than the other. In general her condition made everything much harder for looking and feeling great.

Our response was to raise Danielle’s calories and reduce her training frequency, our aim was to let Danielle’s body rest, recover and recuperate as exercising can be demanding on the body. With regular feedback from Danielle after a couple of weeks of lifting weights and eating healthier foods, she told us her strength was increasing and she felt like she had lots of energy. This was great news for us so for 8 weeks we dropped her calories slowly and slowly increased her exercise frequency and this was the results. The main point being Danielle did not let her condition be an excuse, applied everything we told her to do and the rewards were looking and feeling great.

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