TransformationHQ Ren Fearns Success Story

This was Ren before she joined Transformation HQ…RenFearnsbefore

And this is her now…


Why did you first join Transformation HQ and has it helped you towards your body shape goals?

I started at HQ when I hit 92kg and my waist was 44 inches (nearly 4ft). At only 5’4″ i was nearly as round as I was tall. I was struggling to do my job (farming) and was generally unhappy. In 14 months I reduced my weight to 67kg my waist was 28″ I could walk miles in the job, cart bales of hay all afternoon, and deal with the livestock. Best of all I treated myself to my first pair of Levi’s in above 20 years. I am now 51 years old and feel fitter than most people of a similar age.

What else have you tried before and did it work?

I tried weight watchers which did work but weight piled on as soon as I began eating normally. I tried exercising at home but lacked motivation.


How has our simple approach to eating healthy helped you?

I can eat all the foods I like, I am more adventurous with food and try all sorts. Once I got it into my head that food is just fuel, it was easy to eat chicken and broccoli for breakfast etc. I now drink a good amount of water daily too.

Why is Transformation HQ different?

Carl, Ryan & the rest of the trainers are there because they actually care. Your goals are their goals and they take pride in helping you achieve them. The whole H Q ethic is based on a caring support network and very knowledgeable trainers who constantly update their own knowledge from other top trainers in order to provide a full service.


What would you say to those who fear Transformation HQ?

Face your fear and you will find that you are braver, stronger and have the ability to transform yourself with the help of the H Q family.

Do you feel Transformation HQ is a friendly and motivation place to be? Is so why?

Transformation H Q is not a normal gym or club, it is a place where people gather to support, build friendships and physiques that last. The trainers are interested in you as a person and appreciate that all people are different and have different goals.

How do you fit Transformation HQ into your busy schedule?

 At the moment I struggle to get 3 sessions in, this is not due to the times of sessions but personal issues that will improve. There are enough session times that it shouldn’t be an issue once my routine has been sorted out better.RenFearns4

How did you find the 12 week body transformation photo shoot?

Challenging but completely worth it for the sense of achievement I feel, the knowledge I gained about how my body reacted to the challenge. Will definitely do another.

What was most frustrating area of your body before you started Transformation HQ? And has this now improved?

My stomach was frustrating and continues to be a problem area, however before it was just a pile of fat, now I have visible abs that come back quickly if I just give a quick 6 weeks mini shoot diet.


Would you recommend Transformation HQ to friends and family? If so why? 

 Yes, always do. The pictures speak for themselves, my life has completely turned around and I fully expect to be part of Transformation HQ for life.

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