TransformationHQ Yvonne Huxley Success Story

Yvonne was trying to balance a busy work life whilst trying to get leaner

To make sure it wasn’t to demanding physically and physiologically, we made Yvonne train just 3 times a week but dropped calories down to a modest amount that would put Yvonne in a deficit that wouldn’t have felt draining. This was to enable Yvonne to get on with her busy life but make steady progress.

As the weeks moved on we finely balance dropping calories and slowly increased training sessions. Being so strategic with nutrition and training enabled Yvonne to get stronger through her 10 week shoot prep and there was no drop in energy levels which she found when dieting down before.

This just shows its possible to drop body fat progressively and be in a constant calorie defect, yet have still a busy, successful work and family life whilst feeling great.


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