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You won’t believe this…

I have TWO gym strength logs!

For those reading this who are not members, we complete a strength round at the end of each session.

On 6 different exercises – aiming to beat our previous attempt from our last workout.

We don’t share it or put it on any boards to gorp at – it’s just something each member does privately.

And this is called progressive overload.

Trying to get outside your comfort zone each and every session.

Because that is the fastest way to adapt.

So why do I have two logs?

I’ve always been old fashioned and like to write in a book, but my coach who delivers my program does it via an app.

Meaning I always bring my trusty log book and have to open an app on my phone.

But I’ve logged every workout I have ever done for the past 11-12 years.

Mad or not?

I’ve also pretty much tracked every calorie I’ve eaten in that same time period (time off on holidays)

Mad or not?

Maybe…..but I don’t even notice I’m doing it and it keeps me in shape – which is way more important to me.

Whats worse?

I could have an unhealthy obsession with eating junk food all day, or drinking or glued to Netflix.

But the crazy good obsession can substitute the temptation to doing things I should not be.

We all have these little obsessions, but some can be made to your advantage.

I understand tracking calories can seem daunting but it’s not, maybe just start with a simple healthy eating plan like we provide at THQ.

It is easier however to start adding a good obsession in at the gym.

Next time you’re in there, log that training session you are completing.

If you are doing more reps, adding weight or even both…you know that you are getting stronger and most likely, building muscle.

This is a great feeling, and it gets me back in that gym most days when motivation is a little low.

There is nothing better than beating and improving yourself.

And before you know it…you’re in the best shape you’ve ever been!

One training log is probably enough ha

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