One Task At A Time

The last three months have been quite productive for THQ. It’s given us the chance to put into action all the ideas we had to improve the service. We are currently rebuilding the members area and creating an even better support network for each member. Whether that’s the in-house member, or our ever-growing online community. …

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The Truth About Raspberry “Bloody” Ketones

Raspberry Ketones Buckwheat Powder Fat Burners Apple Cider Vinegar Celtic Sea Salt CLA’s Green Tea Extracts Are a few examples of many supplements I have been asked about. Are they any good? They ask… To which my answer is always…. Good for what? To which they never really seem to have an answer. What they …

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How to find the weight loss sweet spot?

What most people think weight loss is – eating as little as possible. Granted, this does achieve results for the first few weeks. And those who have ever tried eating as little as possible will tell you – it feels like hell. We are not designed to eat as little as possible for long period …

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The day getting in shape became easy

Pounding the weights 6 times a week. Adding in extra cardio. Eating as “clean” as I can. This was me 7,8,9 years ago. Believing I had to be superman to get into great shape. PUSH PUSH PUSH. Yet for all my hard work and dedication… …I got very little reward. I thought….what the hell man??? …

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The Dieting Pendulum

As personal trainers and gym owners, we get many texts from members who get concerned. Concerned that they are doing something wrong or have messed up. This weekend was no different. I received a text from a member yesterday evening. They will remain anonymous but I’m certain this person is cool with me sharing. This …

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