The HQ 60 day body transformation shoot -FACTS 

The HQ 60 day body transformation shoot project  

The science and the facts

1. Start of the photo shoot 
2. The after shoot mental mind f**k 
3. The Benefits of having done the shoot 
In this blog I will be telling a story 

I’m going to name him joe he’s a male but I could just as easily use a female 

Ok before we start I want to say I wholeheartedly believe in this process I know it works 
My mission with the process is to change people’s lives forever so they stop going up and down with there body weight and are able to live a healthy life 
While still enjoying social nights out and holidays and not feeling they need to crash diet after a weekend or holiday to get back to normal 
Obviously your weight and body fat and adherence to your training will fluctuate slightly that’s human nature bit we are looking here at the long game
Warning this blog is taking in to account the facts so may come across boring, we also use calories to explain the process the figures are made up to help you understand how to use calories
We will work out calories for a lot of members if we haven’t done it already, we have also requested food Diaries as progress tool 
Here we use calories to explain 
Which I do advise everyone to know your calories intake 
We very often miss the boring bits out and just talk about the simple benefits such as the good habits you will gain etc and hope you will trust our advice rather than boring you with the information
However the HQ photo shoot has become such a popular process that gets incredible results it’s time this needed sharing
Ok let me explain …
You’ve been training for a while now your slowly burning fat and building muscle to do this you have to create a calorie deficit, beginners will be able to build muscle in a slight calorie deficit just enough to stimulate protein synthesis. This means you can build some muscle while dropping fat but you will see the results level out eventually!

Remember building muscle for men and women does not mean being on stage with big muscle in a set of trunks it means men or women if you have muscle you will have a good metabolic rate ( metabolism) so you can eat more food and have the body you want 
Story time 
Joe wants to start HQ because he’s gaining weight and body fat so he comes to us for help
Joe needs to eat 2300 calories a day to maintain his body weight

Joe must eat around 1800 calories a day to loose body fat around 500 calories deficit and he does really well at the start.
He starts to progress then the buzz of starting HQ fades slightly and bad habits begin to creep in and become harder to resist. You see 1800 Cals a day isn’t much room for error or enjoyment of nice foods and nights out etc, so when he goes off track slowly week by week he feels he’s going backwards and slowly going back to where he started.
So joe now begins to over eat at least 3/4 days a week joe eating about 3000 Cals a day!


He slowly starts to put weight on again feels fed up with this healthy lifestyle and isn’t getting anywhere so he gives up and goes back to eating 4000 Cals a day full of pizzas crisp chips and crap in that bid to feel good for 30seconds.
But hold on there’s a saviour the HQ 60day body transformation shoot project. 
Let’s go back to joes first few months remember him progressing well 

losing fat and gaining muscle he now opts in to the photo shoot and starts his plan 
Remember he eats around 1900 Cals a day to loose body fat and gain abit of muscle he keeps dieting and hits shoot day on around 1600 Cals he looks amazing abs shining though with a big smile on his face. It’s all gone to plan he’s now the fitness envy of all his friends it’s changed his life.
The mental mind f**k 
Joe’s now in the best shape of his life 

He has just got his pictures back, he looks incredible compares from that fat kid at school to this super fit ripped guy he sees before him.
You would think he would be on top of the world and for a long time he is then it hits him
He’s finally reached his long term goal he has no idea where to go next, he had been dieting down for such a long time he knew nothing eles. Extra session in the gym the focus on training?!
The days where you just wanted to binge so you go to bed early just to wake up and eat breakfast, yet the effort was worth it. Perhaps for the first time joe liked the person looking back in the mirror, the image he strive for had paid off and boy was it worth every single hour of dedication, and an accomplishment that will live with him forever!
What to do next and the reason you did it
Of course this process slowly lowers your metabolism from your starting point but like anything in life you have to drop down slightly to be able to climb higher, well you body works the same.
The science – reverse dieting.
There’s some great blogs out there to get some information on reverse dieting 

Mike Samuels and Dr Layne Norton are our favourites 
What to do now is slowly start to increase your calories why? Because the process before was to lose fat now it’s to gain muscle and increase metabolic rate with a better than ever focus on session performance. 
Lets use joe for the example;

Shoot day 1600 Cals each week joe increases his Cals to 1800 week 2 2000

Week 3 2200 week 4 2400 week 5 2600 week 7 2800 week 8 3000 week 9 3200
All without gaining a lot of fat 
Unfortunately you will gain a slight bit of fat your abs may go but don’t worry you will still be lean, healthy, strong and fit. It won’t be a noticeable amount but you may look in the mirror and think wow where did my abs go?
Common mistake is people see there abs going so they go straight into a calorie deficit because they want to look like they did at their shoot but that wasn’t the reason you did it – you don’t want to stay that lean as staying that lean for too long isn’t healthy. You did it for a goal and the benefits I’m about the explain now.
So don’t think your getting fat and screwing up this process. Eventually this process of raising calories will stop and you will have to maintain your calories, other wise you will start to gain too much fat.
But let’s look at the facts;
Joe now has a metabolism of around 3200 Cals a day compared to the one he had before he started off around 2300 a day 
3200 Cals a day means a lot of fun nights out and lot of stress free meals out and enjoyment in a fitness lifestyle as he no longer has to be a fitness hermit to enjoy healthy living.
Joe also doesn’t carry no way near as much fat as he did before resulting in only having to diet for a few weeks to look his best for special events. If it was for another shoot this would be over a longer period to get a better photo but just for a wedding or holiday it wouldn’t take him long at all.
Struggles at the start of a reserve diet it can be hard because the amount of food you can eat isn’t much more than the cut,however play the long game and eventually you will have such a metabolism that you would find it near impossible to go back to where you were.
Remember as a women having muscle will not make you big, you just building a tonned body that can enjoy life while getting fit and looking hot in that little black dress.
And men your building a hunky body that can also enjoy a life while looking hench.
Why is it now called the 60 day body transformation shoot?
Because over the years we have noticed people only hardcore diet for max 8 weeks around 60days ( remember were normal people doing a photo shoot )

Not 16 stone athletes ripped on front of a magazine.


Past shoot participates maybe reading this and thinking now I’ve put this on paper you didn’t do it ? 

Well rest assure we tried to monitor you close enough.

And if you have done the shoot twice think of the how little time it took you 2nd time? 

Or maybe you left for a while ? Think how long it took you to get back? Not abs but just back feeling lean and healthy and strong – Not long hay?

You did it better than you think!

I hope this helps 

Carl & Ryan

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