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One constant issue I hear is “I was late and didn’t have time to prep food – so I bought a sandwich and packet of crisps for lunch” or even worse “ I just skipped breakfast/lunch”.

So in an ideal world, you would have prepped one or two meals in Tupperware the evening before and taken it with you to work, this is after you had a high protein and fat breakfast before you left home.

Now I understand we don’t live in an ideal world and your may have woken up late, or your children may have been playing up meaning you didn’t have time for breakfast and you leave your prepped food in the fridge.

So you get to lunch time and you are now getting hunger pangs and cravings, what can you do to keep your results progressing?

In your car, handbag or gym bag you should always have;

  • a litre bottle of mineral water
  • protein bar/whey powder in a shaker
  • nuts and seeds
  • rice cakes
  • beef jerky/biltong

These items should be viewed as the bare essentials to go out and about with and they will stay fresh for many weeks & months.

If you have more time you can add fresh products such as;

  • boiled eggs
  • greek yoghurt
  • fruit
  • prepped meals e.g salmon salad
  • dark chocolate over 70% cocoa

All great meals/snacks that can keep hunger at bay and keep protein levels up, making you that fat burning machine. If you have a little more time and can get to a mini supermarket (that will be on every corner these days). You can still avoid that tempting fridge packed with sandwiches, crisps, chocolates and cakes.

Keep walking past to the packaged meat sections that will have an array of protein sources such as cooked chicken, ham, beef, pork etc. You can add these to your stable items you carry around with you such as fruit or rice cakes, if your feeling more adventurous buy a ready made salad and add all items together.

One food item that is often overlooked is sushi, nicely packaged often with utensils and tissues, its also very filling, White rice and lean fish will keep you full for many hours and the rice will fuel you ready for your transformation session.

I hope this has given a little food for thought! There will always be obstacles in your day to day life. Its important that you plan ahead and carry around your staples items that will help not hinder your fat loss goals.


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