What should you do when your injured

Injuries and the story we tell ourselves when it comes to working out 
This week I’ve damaged my neck
 not sure how I’ve done it but as a true man, I will continue to moan about it for the rest of the week😜
However it’s made me to write this blog 
When we get injures, when we’re tired, busy or stressed 
We tell ourselves 2 stories 
1. We whine and moan to ourselves about how hard done to we are ( which I did for a large part of Monday morning) 

2. We make the best out of it  
Because let’s face it 

which ever one we pick our situation remains the same 

So now I’ve finished whinging and moaning to myself because I can’t train properly 
I’m going to use today to plan my meals so I still progress with my body goals

Use the 45min workout time I give myself to do some foam rolling and workout slowly on the movements that don’t hurt 
Because I will not be upset by the results I didn’t get because of the things I didn’t do
I get it 

sometimes you do have to cancel a session but if your cancelling a session from a story your telling yourself, I prompt you to question it ?
Could you make the best out of a bad job ?

Could you use the strength room or ask us to work around your injury ?
Carl 👍💪

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