Drink my way to a 6 pack

As Carl mentioned last week about myself staying in shape yet still going out at weekends. This may sound too good to be true however it possible if your smart about it.

I will use myself as an example – I will usually know when I’m going out so I will try and get a workout in that day. If not I don’t panic, I’ll accept it and go for a walk with my dog or do house chores to keep active and nutritionally I will reduce my calorie intake.

So an example of my last Saturday I went to a BBQ.  Breakfast was a 2/3 egg omelette with spinach.  Lunch was chicken leg with veg & I took a few chicken/chorizo/ pepper kebabs to the BBQ.  Meaning I know I can have 8-10 bottles of beer as my calories won’t go over too much.

Now I need to point out this is not going to get me a great physique but on the other hand I know I’m not damaging my progress or even worse going backwards!

Other alternatives you can do is to eat as you normally would (as healthy as possible) but make different alcohol choices.

Pints of lager (250-300kcal) to bottles of light lager (150kcal)
Glass of Prosecco (190-200kcal) to red wine (120kcal)
Shots of jager/ sours/ Sambuca (100kcal) to vodka/gin (50kcal)
Whiskey and Coke (200-250kcal) to slim line G&T/ Vodka soda lime (80-100kcal)

Can you see how quickly it could be to rack up calories by choosing the wrong alcohol and go over your calorie intake and turn it into a surplus = Fat gain.

Main lesson is not to restrict yourself but to be smart and plan ahead, but still have FUN doing it!

Hope this helps at your next social event.

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