Mark out your festive parties!

Although I’m not a big fan of Christmas starting too early, e.g Christmas adverts on television in November. I will however warn you early before you start your festive meals/parties as they will be starting soon, if not stated already.

MARK OUT YOUR Festive meals or days where you know you will be splurging on a lot of calories/bad food choices. The majority of these will be in the form of carbohydrates (mainly sugars), carbs such as breads, biscuits, cakes, sweets, chocolates etc.

Your muscles and liver can handle a good amount of carbs and store them ready to be used for vigorous activity such as exercise. However, if we exercise, in particular a Transformation HQ Session, your muscle will deplete these carbohydrates already stored and more can now be consumed.

What I’m saying is days you know you will be consuming more at events, make sure you’ve done a tough weights sessions that day and this will absorb many of those “bad foods” you will consume. At other meals that days, it would be beneficial to just stick to lean protein and vegetables and save the carbohydrates for the party foods.

This is obviously not an ideal way to live by but it may keep you lean through winter/Christmas, you may actually lose body fat if you train hard and are sensible with foods.
So enjoy all the sweets and treats that appear at winter/Christmas time using this simple technique and DON’T Feel Guilty.


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