The Fastest Way To Get In Shape

A successful diet has one clear concept that needs to work every single time!

You need to be able to stick to it!

Anyone can do hours of cardio (for so long)

Anyone can do endless workouts (for so long)

Anyone can cut calories drastically (for so long)

The main element of staying in shape is to control hunger!

This is why we recommend certain foods, not because they are “fat burning foods” but because they keep you full and satiated whilst nourishing the body at the same time.

Have you ever try to cut calories drastically or gone on a shake diet for example.

How great does it work at first – then BANG that wall hits you right the face!!

Next thing you are totally out of control and eating anything you can get your hands on.

This is a normal & common response as your body fights against it brain – it goes into survival mode.

You only need a mild calorie (energy) deficit each day. This is achieved through exercise and eating healthily.

If you can include as many of the below foods as your STAPLES – then getting and staying in shape is so much easier!

80% of these foods should be in your weekly meal plan and then you have a little wiggle room to include a few treats.

Main staples

Lean beef
Beans & Lentils

Keeping hunger under control is your main priority – This is what’s gets & keeps you in shape in the fastest way possible!

Have a nice weekend

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