The War On Vegan Burgers

The Vegan Burger has been in the news lately.

For me, if it looks like a burger, it should taste like one.

The vegan burger is not the issue, its this new war on meat, eggs and fish.

So I’m going to war on veganism.

It seems that being vegetarian or vegan is the new “no gluten” “low carb” “low fat” diet

I get it…

If you go vegetarian or vegan for ethical and moral reasons then it should be promoted and supported.

However, I get the impression most people will try it as a way to solve their body shape & weight problems.

Its viewed as a healthy diet so it MUST make them slimmer, lighter, more defined….

Yet a low protein diet is usually higher in carbohydrates & fats which means = More Calories

More Calories = More Weight/Body Fat

We have had members and clients lose weight on;

  • High & Low Carb Diets
  • Intermitting Fasting Diets
  • Clean Eating Diets
  • Calorie Counting Diets
  • Flexible Dieting

All different methods that suits people’s INDIVIDUAL lifestyles.

What did they all have in common – it made the individual consume less calories.

So, the KEY PRINCIPLE is to stay in a CALORIE DEFICIT for a sustained period of time.

Use the method which will work best for you in the long term.

Have a nice bank holiday weekend and maybe go for a real burger!


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