Scale weight not moving?

Have you weighed yourself recently?

Is that number all you focus on?

I’m currently in a fat loss phase and I do weigh myself weekly.

I know what I should be doing for optimal fat/weight loss and guess what…

The weight doesn’t always reflect the hard work I’m putting in!

Over the last 8-10 weeks, my weight at first dropped quickly – then it slowed – then weight went up – then a huge drop in weight- then a slow drop again – then a stall – and recently a drop.

One thing I didn’t do is panic and start doing loads of cardio and go super low calories, I stuck to the plan.

Because I took progress photos and could see a visible difference.

I stayed calm as the mirror looking back at me was showing signs of getting leaner. I wouldn’t be happy if the scale weight drops loads – but I still looked the same!

Scales shouldn’t be the only tool you use to monitor fat/weight loss.

Take progress photos as well as inch measurements alongside your scale weight to monitor your progression.

If you feel a little down this week because the scale weight hasn’t moved – have you factored these elements into the equations….

  • You consumed more salt the day before weighing and your holding water


  • You’ve drank more water (good thing to do)


  • You ate more volumising foods that are still in the gut


  • You ate more carbs than you should have done, carbs can retain up to 4 times their weight through absorption of water (this is why people cut carbs and think its fat loss – when in fact, it’s just water weight gone)


  • You have added lean muscle to your frame


  • You’re a female and its during your cycle and you maybe retaining more water than normal

Don’t feel down about the scales – get back your plan and your next weigh in will be better.


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