Chris Evans Reveals Shock Weight Loss Tactic

A news headline that caught my eye whilst search on the net yesterday.

I had to look at the story as this in the industry I’m in, I need to stay up-to-date as to what people are talking about, especially diet & training trends.

To be honest with you, when I read the story I was a little disappointed.

Usually celebrities will doing something weird and wacky that I can have a chuckle about.

But having read what Chris did to lose the weight, it was actually quite a normal thing to do.

He fasted for 12 hours a day (sometimes 16 hours).

Due to getting up early for a morning radio show, he was awake longer than most so meant the eating window was bigger, plus a lack of sleep probably increased hunger.

He simply reduced the eating window which meant he consumed less calories. No magic action happened from fasting but it reduced his daily calorie consumption (which he didn’t mention).

Every diet plan works for fat loss.

People’s results prove that they work!

  • Fasting like Chris Evans


  • Keto


  • Counting Calories


  • Diet Clubs


  • Carnivore


  • Paleo

They only work for people if the diet strategy:

  1. Gets you into a calorie deficit
  2. Makes it easy to stay in a deficit for a sustained period of time

I prefer for myself and THQ members to track calories, it seems to works well for most people. It allows for some times like weekends, social events or even holidays – to be more flexible and creative with foods, but still achieve brilliant body shape results.

Yet, everyone is different, find what gets you into a calorie deficit and is easy to stay there!

Have a nice weekend.

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