Overheard On The Train!

“She is always tired…..she always moans she never has any energy?!”

A woman talks about a family member of hers.

It caught my attention as she was talking loudly but it may have flown over my head normally.

Because it’s not even a rare conversation any more. I hear it all the time, when in the shops, at the pub, on tele or even in the gym! People saying, they feel knackered all the time.

It’s clearly an issue and people aren’t quite sure what to do. This women on the train was unsure what advice to give.

She goes onto say, that the family member needs to start exercising more and eating less.

But is it always this simple?

If it was, everyone would be doing that and all problems would be solved, yet we all feel like we could do with an energy boost.

The person may not be sleeping well? Should aim for 7-9 hours a night!

Are they drinking enough water? Minimum of 2-3 litres a day.

Are they eating enough? To stay lean or lose weight but have energy, track calories – then aim for your weight in LBS & times by 12 (e.g. 150lbs x 12 = 1800kcal a day)

Are they eating the correct foods? A high carb sugary breakfast will tank energy levels – aim for a high protein and saturated fats option (eggs, salmon, avocado, meats)

Are they overtraining? Excessive long training sessions done 6,7,8 times a week will FRY the nervous system and eventually lead to a drained body. Back off training frequency to 3 times a week and see energy levels boom (possible also lose weight at same time!)

Are they drinking too much alcohol? It screws up our hormones levels and bodges up quality of sleep.

You too maybe feeling a little low on energy, and could do with implementing the above tactics that I would recommend to the family member complaining of low energy.

Don’t just think it’s all about doing more and eating less!

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