“Go to work on an egg”

Was an old famous saying and researching it further, it came from an advert from the British Egg board.

Some believe this saying came from Victorian times, where all workers would have an egg or two for breakfast.

Somewhere between then and the present day, a slight myth came out about eggs being bad for you and in particular, raising cholesterol levels.

To this day, I still get looks of sheer horror when I tell people to eat eggs for breakfast.

So I feel like I need to stick up for the little guys.

If you don’t eat eggs because you’ve been told they are bad for your cholesterol…

…I’m afraid you’ve been slightly hoodwinked.

A lot of the research that puts eggs in the bad light was backed by companies that make breakfast cereals.

And how to get more people eating their product – destroy the main competitor.

I can see why it’s easy to believe them.

Put a load of healthy slogans over the cereal box like “high in fibre” “fortified with minerals” etc sounds like you’re consuming the right thing.

And a nice bowl of sugar sure tastes great in the morning.

But if you want your body operating and looking better.

Give those eggs a chance in the morning.

It goes without saying – if you have been diagnosed with a condition such as hypercholesterolaemia then you have to moderate egg intake.

Carl Lambert has been diagnosed with this many years ago.

If anyone reading wants to know more, he will be more than happy to help, just drop him a message Carllambert@transformationhq.co.uk.

I personal eat about 28-30 eggs a week.

That’s about 1500 eggs a year.

And I’ve done that for many years.

Myself and Carl discussed our cholesterol levels a few years back.

As carl has to know his levels, we decided to compare so I got a blood test done.

With me eating that many eggs, from the advice going around I should be about to die.

But all levels were in the normal range.

Because I reduced trans fats and shit junk food out of my diet, and that’s what keeps my cholesterol levels low.

You know what else eggs are;

  • Full of protein
  • Cheap
  • Can help lower the “bad” cholesterol
  • Versatile
  • Quick to make
  • Contain essential vitamins
  • Extremely filling

So all these issues of “I don’t have time in the morning” “eating healthy is expensive” “what can I eat in the morning for breakfast

Can all be solved with your little friend – the egg!

2-4 eggs in the morning either scrambled, fried, boiled or made into an omelette will be perfect for setting you up for the day.

Not only is that a low-calorie breakfast compared to a sugar bomb in a bowl (cereal).

They will fill you up until lunch time – thus eradicating the urge to have mid-morning snacks.

Hugely reducing overall calorie intake for the day.

This one simple change I’ve made with many members has seen them drop inches and pounds really fast!

Want faster body shape results and to feel great?

Go to work on an egg (or 4 in my case) a day


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