The power of your mind

Thinking outside the box part 2 – training 
 I can’t do that! Is just a thought that can be changed!
 (if your injured obviously that’s different)  
I’m going to try and explain a story to you 
Last week David moore Buxton member 

Did dumbbell incline flys using 12.5k weights 
At the end of the session he asked me if he could try to lift the 15kg for a couple of reps to see if he could do it.. He did them fine

So this Tuesday he came into the session in his usual high spirits
 I asked him how he was feeling,a big smile came across his face, he said I’m ready for this walked straight over to the 15s, put them In Front of the bench, stood back while I explained the session 
How do you think it went ? 
He smashed every rep!!

At some points I think I was holding my breath for him ha! 

As I hadn’t seen Dave hold his strength like that before!
Never at any point was he not going to complete that! It didn’t cross his mind once!
I believe your brain can not tell the difference between you just visualising yourself doing something or you actually doing something 
Same goes for visualising failure and telling yourself you can’t do something 
If he had walked in, looked at me with a concerned look incase I had remembered he had tried the 15s the week before and was worried I’d asked him to do it tonight! 
(be honest who has had a similar thought before a session๐Ÿ˜œ)
Or even said I’m not looking forward to trying them 15s tonight
Guess what he would have managed 1 or 2 reps because I’d asked him to try them, his body would have given up because he had chosen to believe his thoughts that he wasn’t able to do them!
Just a little something for everyone to think about in there next session 
Don’t worry myself ryan anne and will 
Have done hundreds of sessions and would not expect people to do unachievable things that may injure you!
Imagine if you adapted Daves approach for the next 6 months 
Or even if Dave continues to adapt this approach in every session 
Where would you be………


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