I can’t eat there I’m on my diet

Have you ever said these words a million times over in your head?

”I can’t eat there I’m on my diet”

Getting fit can sometimes bring its own set of problems IF YOU LET IT.  Now here’s the best was to deal with it and also the best way to think about it.

You wanted to get fit and healthy to improve your life, not make it boring so eating out is certainly going to be a fun part of your life style you should still enjoy.

The simple steps I take when eating out are:

I try to make it on a workout day and after my work out I will consume only a lean source of protein such as chicken or turkey, and fibre such as green vegetables.  This will give me the best chance of not going over my calories as most meals out tend to have lots of fats and carbs in them which after my workout my body will be craving.

On Wednesday May 4th, HQ’s next acceleration day, we will be discussing exactly how to fit meals out in to your calories. So get booked in for that if you wanna learn more (book like normal sessions).

The only exception to this rule is i’d say 2 weeks out from a big goal such as the HQ shoot you might need to stay focused and be comfortable with what you’re putting into your body.

I hope this helps.


PS: next week you will learn how I over came the story I told myself about how there was no point in me dieting this week because I was getting drunk at the weekend so I might as well ruin the whole week, sound familiar? Make sure you read next weeks mail.

eating out

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