Cut out the toxic, negative people in your life

You know the person who isn’t happy and has a huge problem about your new focus of getting in shape and living healthily. These people make you feel bad, guilty, depressed because you’ve decided to make a change for the good. The want to hold you back or just put a dampener on your good feelings. This is generally because the are unhappy with their ways/lives and don’t want to see a close friend, love one, work college be more successful than them in their diet and training goals.

So what to do if you like like training, attending HQ sessions, exercising, lifting weights, getting stronger & fitter and close ones question you as to why you are wasting your time etc.

Calmly yet excitably show how much you are looking forward to your next session and try to pass on your positive feelings. Tell that person if it’s a close family member/partner its for THEM that you are doing this and explain how well you’ve done so far.
Being positive about the situation to another person will also make you feel even more positive and excited to train again.

If they still can’t support you or understand how you feel about living a healthy happy life, cut out those draining people who hold you back!


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