The competition of life

How do you truly become the best version of yourself?

Competition can sometimes be a dirty word.  A word that people hate!  I believe people hate the thought of competition because of, the arrogant people that show off, think they’re better than others, look down on people, boast and be-little people.  This is why competition can be seen as a dirty word, but competition is not that if you treat it with respect.  Don’t believe you are better than others, treat people with respect, be kind, don’t boast, don’t be arrogant and certainly don’t slag people off or look down on them or try and show them you’re better. 

I love competition…. in my own mind.  It’s drives me.  I became a personal trainer to be the best, get the best results, offer the most value, have the most knowledge and provide the best service.

When I train, I want to be the strongest, fastest and have the best body shape around.

Here’s the thing, I DONT BELIEVE I am any of the above and I know I will never believe I am, but every single day is a competition to be just that! So this is why I know and I can honestly say I’m trying to be the best version of myself, every damn day!

So if you honestly want to be the best version of yourself. Respectfully see each day as a competition. This will be a game changer for getting your head around eating healthy and training regular because the best version of yourself is not unhealthy. 

I hope this helps


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