Motivation is it really what you need?

Trying to feel motivated sometimes can be hard.  Motivation does it really mean what we think it means?

I’d say most people look for motivation to do the things they don’t want to really do.  This is why you need to understand what you want, what result you want.  Then on the days you don’t want to do something and you’re “looking for motivation” you can just get over it and do it anyway because you want the result more than the bottle of wine after your stressful long day.

You see…….we will always be motivated doing the thing we love on the days we feel great but looking for motivation to do the things you don’t want to do but know you have to is a bit like ”pissing in the wind” for want of a better phase.

So I’m basically saying motivation to be fair is a load of rubbish.  You will only feel motivated on a good day.  STOP waiting to feel motivated day in day out like some super hero because it won’t come.

Find an environment and people that bring you up and make you want to be the best version of yourself…. (HQ).  Set a goal you want and on the days you don’t feel like doing something don’t look for motivation.  JUST GET IT DONE!  Enjoy the days you feel motivated but getting results in all areas of your life means doing things you sometimes don’t want to do to reach a certain outcome.

I hope his helps 


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