The Effective Steps To Achieve Your 2018 Body Shape Goal

We are about to finish the 3rd week of January.

Next thing its February – then its Easter/spring & your new year body shape resolution is a distant (failed) memory.

Let 2018 be the successful year and finally get the body shape you always train so hard for.

Follow these secrets and see if you need to implement any of them to keep you progressing towards your goal;

  • Taking smaller steps

Make smaller more achievable goals within your main target. E.g. if you want to lose a stone. Aim for 1-2 pounds every week. You will be there before you know it and stops you feeling overwhelmed when results are slow.

  • Working in pairs

Having that training buddy to keep you accountable to turn up to training sessions and support each other. It doesn’t even need to be a training buddy, making sure you and your partner are accountable to each other, through eating healthy and preparing meals for lunches.

  • Tracking your progress daily.

If you’re not lifting more weights, doing more repetitions, training more frequently then you are stagnating. Recording foods can be highly beneficial as you may not be aware how many calories your consuming daily (even eating healthily, you can over consume)

  • Schedule it

Make time to exercise and pop it a diary – that makes you committed. Schedule time when you will make meals and no, not having time is not an excuse!

  • Remember the goal

There is a reason why you set your body shape goal, most likely you’re not happy with your current shape. Your body shape is a reflection and consequence of your daily habits. Focusing on changing daily bad habits to better behaviours and your body shape will change for the good.

You may have heard these before but are you really doing them?

Keep going and let’s smash them body shape goals for 2018


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