Do you actually deserve a cheat meal?

Did you have a cheat meal this weekend?

Was it more than a cheat meal – did it extend to a cheat weekend?

We often recommend to members to have a cheat meal, usually when we feel they have done extremely well and are mental are a little fatigued.

If your allowing yourself cheat meals or even worse cheat days EVERY weekend then maybe it time to reassess and ask yourself a question.

Am I happy with my current body shape?

If you don’t think you need to lose any more body fat or weight – great keep the cheat meal in!

If you feel you look the same week in week out and the inches & scales aren’t moving. Then maybe going a few weeks without a cheat meal/day will do wonders for your body shape goal.

This will teach you a little self-discipline and teaches the body & mind that it doesn’t need to be rewarded with junk food.

This abstaining from a cheat meal WILL improve your WILLPOWER.

Will power is a little like a muscle, it takes time to build up its strength.

When you complete 3,4,5 weeks without a cheat meal/day – your body shape will be a lot leaner, slimmer, toned and you will have PROVEN to yourself that you don’t need a cheat meal/day.

Be honest with yourself and answer above question.


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