Eat Carbs – Lose Weight!

Carbs ARE NOT the enemy!

You will hear me say that many more times.

There are lot of lean & slim people out there consuming 200g, 300g, 500g+ of carbohydrates every day YET they still lose weight & body fat.

Purely because they are still in a caloric deficit.

The carbs they consume will fuel their weight sessions, meaning they can increase weights, do more reps and keep intensity levels high!

The extra weight, reps and higher intensity will help you burn more body fat.

Ever done a strength session when you’ve cut carbs?

It’s hard to get motivated, strength levels drop, endurance levels plummet, the pump is rubbish.

So, what’s the answer if you want good training sessions, enjoy carbs but want to lose body fat?

  • Days you strength train = Meal before and meal after workout can have a portion of carbs, alongside lean protein and vegetables


  • Days you DON’T strength train = All meals will be protein and vegetables only

So simple yet achieves fantastic body shape results.

It even means you don’t have to track calories if you can’t be arsed with all that!

Give it a go for 4 weeks and let us know how many inches & pounds you lose over that month, you will be pleasantly surprise.


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