Given up on your body for the year?

75% of the year has gone!

Everyone saying they can’t believe its October.

And it’s this time of the year that motivation can start to wane.

Particularly in the gym and the kitchen.

You may be thinking or you are in the mindset that it is getting colder now so what’s the point.

The holidays are over and you won’t be going away till next year, you plan on layering up for the cold weather (and to hide your current physique).

Well, let me tell you some tough truths.

If you want to be in great shape for spring or summer next year…it actually needs to start now.

October & November are probably more important than January & February when everyone is going crazy to burn off the Christmas blubber.

Getting as lean as possible before we get to the party month of December is the little secret all fit & lean people know.

The leaner you are, the better you use the excess calories we consume in the winter months…plus you are further ahead than you would have been had you just thrown in the towel. Meaning less weeks to get in shape in 2020.

This weekend – set yourself a new goal!

There are 8 weeks roughly until December and calories naturally start to rise.

If you want to look lean and slim for the Christmas parties…..why not set a target of 8lbs.

That’s just 1lb a week – this is an easy target to achieve but if you find yourself 8lbs lighter in December, your body will be in a far superior state. Plus, you will feel so much better about yourself and you can enjoy December guilt free.

Get the head start on your 2020 body shape goal and train at least 3 times a week, stick to your calories or meal plan EVERY DAY, drink 2-3 litres of water daily minimum and get 7-9 hours sleep each night.

You will thank yourself for reading this message and acting upon it next year!

Have a great weekend.


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