Tesco’s Shopping Trip Message

Walking through the supermarket one day last week.

I was expecting the worse.

Informed that they may be a shortage of food?

Going around my normal route at Tesco’s of the meat, fish and vegetable aisle.

And all was fine.

Plenty of stock available!

The food shortage was a scare mongering story.

That was until I got to the last aisle….the toiletries section.

No toilet roll!

I just chuckled and walked on by as people ask the staff if they have any in the back.

Even though the facts clearly state “the virus” does not affect that region ha.

I did have a peer down the junk food aisle and although enough – shelves looked a little hammered.

Which got me thinking.

Why isn’t anyone promoting healthy eating?

Or exercise for that matter?

Or even just going out to get fresh air in the sunshine.

While that might not solve the crisis – I’m pretty sure it would help.

Rather than sat on the sofa, pigging out eating crisps and cakes – looking at the pile of toilet rolls bursting out of the cupboards.

Building a healthy, fit, strong body which has all the tools and amour to fight this virus should be our biggest priority at the moment.

With now being the easiest time to get in shape and be healthy.

We have little social events going on, very few holidays, working from home a lot more…

All the excuses that we said stop us from succeeding have now gone!

  • Make sure you hit the gym 3-4 times a week.


  • Stick to a healthy eating plan like provided at THQ.


  • Get your steps in and take in the sunshine (when it appears occasionally)

Not only look and feel great..

…but put yourself in the healthiest position possible.


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